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CNA or certified nursing assistant is a program that trains you to become a nursing assistant. Free CNA training is amongst the most sought after courses yet it should be known that nothing comes for free. Despite the fact that most of these courses are stated to be free, there are other hidden costs that are not mentioned but that you’ll end up paying in the end. If you think about it realistically, you will realize that there is no school that will offer to train CNA students at no price as it can be quite expensive.

If you think of the teachers, the equipment and the material which is to be used, you’ll realize that you can’t really have free CNA training. In essence, you will have to pay something if you want to get professional training. There are means, however, for you to get funding for your CNA course like from several government agencies. It is possible to get funds to pay for your CNA courses and all you have to do is make the effort to look.

Your second option would be to acquire funding from government organizations. Various educational centers across the nation are actually funded for by the government and most of them offer CNA courses. Some of them may even offer you grants based on some factors that they will determine.

The last option you have would be to make calls to your local hospitals, clinics and even homes for the elderly and inquire as to whether they offer internships for a person wanting to take up a course as a certified nursing assistant. If you choose this option, you should be prepared as it can be a little hard managing to get funds this way.

Another option to get funding would be through listing the help of your employer. However, this should only apply if you are actually employed. If you are currently working in the healthcare sector then your chances of getting your employer to pay your fees may be higher. Before you get too excited, there is usually one requirement with most of these places. If your employer happens to pay for your learning he/she is most likely to want you to continue working at your current workplace for a certain period of time after you finish your certified nursing assistant training.

Another option if all these fail would be for you to look for work study programs. These are programs that allow you to work as you study. You will not be paid but you will get deductions on your tuition fee. The more hours you work the lower in fees you get to pay. You could even ask family members to chip in for you a little bit. This may sound off but if you have a large family and you express your need to do your degree program, you’ll find that most of them are more than willing to help. Your very last option would be to get aid from a veteran.

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