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Becoming a certified nursing assistant (CNA) will require some very specialized CNA training. It is important that you obtain the very best training available and that means choosing the best community college in your area. Most CNAs take their CNA classes at a community college and certification can be obtained usually in about a year. Most people who work as a certified nursing assistant will tell you that it is very rewarding. They enjoy the hands-on experiences they get working directly with patients from all walks of life. Some people obtain their Certified Nursing Assistant training through a hospital program. When the training is taken this way, it almost always entails direct patient care as part of the curriculum. Nearly every CNA will say that being able to help people along their road to recovery after either surgery or a major illness is one of the most gratifying parts of their job.

CNA training remains in demand

People who work as CNA find that they are in very high demand. They quickly discover that there are hundreds of lucrative career opportunities after they have completed their training.

Other people complete their CNA classes and training through online courses. If you choose to take any courses to pursue a career as a certified nursing assistant, be prepared to take courses in physiology and anatomy, medical terminology. You will also have to participate in clinical procedures classes during which you will learn skills on how to bathe a patient and apply new dressings to surgical wounds.

CNAs will likely remain in very high demand as the North American population continues to age. People will continuously need others to look after their health needs. This means that CNAs can expect there to be continued and reasonable growth and advancement in their field if they have received the proper training and successfully completed their licensing examinations.

CNAs are able to find employment in hospitals, rehab facilities and any kind of geriatric facility including nursing homes. A CNA can make a real and very important difference in a patient’s life because they are able to offer the kind of direct nurse-to-patient that most registered nurses no longer have time for.

The primary duties of a certified nursing assistant include observing patients and reporting and concerns about changing health to a supervising nurse, attending to a patient’s individual hygiene which usually includes bathing, shaving and nail care, attending to patient’s toileting needs, emptying and disposing of catheter bags, checking, monitoring and recording all vital signs, assisting patient’s with meals and documenting food and/or fluid intake, making  patient’s beds and keeping their personal space tidy, and making sure that patients do not develop bed/pressure sores by turning them on a regular basis.

In order to become a certified nursing assistant, you must first complete a CNA training program. This training program will give you the knowledge you will need in order to successfully write the state licensing examination you will need to pass in order to receive your license to work in a health care facility. Because most CNA training programs are relatively short in duration, you will be able to complete them and start working in a fairly short amount of time. Some CNA training programs can be completed in as little as three months Most of these specialized training programs consist of somewhere between 120 to 140 classroom hours of CNA classes and instructor lessons. There will usually be an additional amount of time required to be spent in different clinical settings where you will be able to work directly with patients.

Every person who has completed their CNA training is then required to sit for a examination in order to receive their certification and licensing. This is the case for every state in the United States of America. Once you have passed your exam, you will usually be required to undergo a police check and then you are able to start working in any number of different health facilities. Occasionally, a student is able to work in a health care facility while under extreme supervision while they are taking their training courses.

Healthcare facilities are quickly coming to appreciate the importance of having CNAs on their staff and they are quickly beginning to appreciate the value of CNAs who obtain their training online.  CNA training that is taken online frees the student from the anxiety that often accompanies most traditional learning settings.

Most CNA training courses will also include studies in effective communication. CNAs are required to be able to communicate well with doctors and nurses. They also need to be able to communicate effectively with patients and their families who are often stressed because of an illness in their loved one. Situations such as this can pose dramatic challenges to nursing personnel and CNAs must be able to meet those challenges and overcome them. Therefore, good communication skills are crucial.

During the duration of any CNA training, the student can expect to be constantly tested both formally and informally.

Upon completion of your training, you will be required to write an exam which will be made up of multiple choice questions that will cover a wide range of subjects every CNA candidate should be proficient in. Your examination will also entail an oral section which can be taken in Spanish or English. These questions will cover the topics that every CNA is expected to know backwards and forwards. You will also be tested on your clinical skills in a simulated clinical setting. This will be under the observation of nursing staff and exam proctors.

After you have received your license, there a further 250 certification programs which are open to students who wish to obtain more specialized, formal education.

CNA requirements are stipulated by the federal government for any CNA who is employed in a nursing home or a rehabilitation facility. Most states in the United States of America require all CNAs to be in good health, have no criminal record and no history of drug use and be blood tested for substances. Nearly every state will require a CNA to have a health screening and undergo a police check to guarantee that all CNA candidates have complied with all the regulations. Every CNA must maintain their certification from year to year and their certification must be renewed on an annual basis before it has expired.

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